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  • commented 2017-03-02 12:35:28 -0600
    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am sorry for bothering you. I really am. But I have to at least try to get to the bottom of my problem. There is a man who is harassing me. He drives a mini hummer red and black with the specialty plates that say SAVEME. To me he resembles former mayoral candidate, Bill King. There are others whom join him that may be city employees. I have a long list of plates ie CNF7539 HDX 1396 DTG 2266 FJR 8998 GLN 2838 HID 3541 DMJ 5871 DNP 5072 HTC 0031 HLK 4198 DCL 1524 BM9B485 HMT 4329 HSM 7700 HTC 0031 DJ5K011 CZV 9580 HZN 4545 FWK 5510 BWH 1256 …and several more that I write down as these people chase me on an almost daily basis. Im trying to see if any of these tags belong to City of Houston employees. A lot of the time, I will see a City of Houston parking van in the line of cars following me.

    I am a registered nurse . I think the man in the hummer is concerned because I believe he was an actor in some possible medicare fraud at a home health company called interim healthcare that i used to work at. I believe he is harassing me because he is desparate and afraid I will report his activities to the Texas Medical Licensing Board or to Medicare.

    Again, sir, I am sorry for bothering you with this. I need some help because these people harass me day and night and soliciting assistance in finding out precisely who these people are and why they are following me is all I know to do right now.

    Thank you,

    Kim Edwards
  • commented 2017-02-22 22:25:21 -0600
    Hello. I’ll try to Make this short. I have a brother that been incarcerated for 16 yrs now for a murder they couldn’t prove that he committed. There was evidence that could have cleared him but it was never tested .he was tricked into an arrest.the case was purely sercumstanal.he would love to get the DNN tested, so he can be free with his love ones.please help. Thank u
  • commented 2017-02-01 21:43:10 -0600
    My aunt was murdered in cold blood on her front lawn while her husband of 22 years held her in his arms on January 24. There was evidence and even a confession from the murderer whom lives next door to my surviving uncle. His bond was only 50,000 and got out 12 hours after he murderer my aunt. To say this is a travesty is the least I can say. My aunt Ana Weed was a remarkable woman whom loved everyone and gave so much to everyone. Including her community, family, and friends. She helped me survive my cancers while I was a resident at M.D.Anderson. She was recovering from a major surgery and had an electronic neck brace to help her with her vertebrate and he walked up to my aunt and shot her at point blank range and took her life as he called his attorney an awaited for you to let him go free. How dare you let this man free to walk the streets. How dare you let this man return to the home where he can look outside and see where he murderer my dear sweet aunt. My uncle and my grandmother are both residents inside the neighborhood where you permitted this horrible human being to return. I watched my family from all over the country as well as from Mexico come and honor my aunt. My Tia Ana was more than a mother, she was more than a friend, and she was more than just a grandmother. She was my families foundation. She was the eldest of six, she always lead by example. She was my guardian angle and now she’s gone and this monster is free to roam. Please I beg you for justice. I beg you if you have ever had a heart please hear my plead and know that my Family deserves justice. My Aunt deserves justice. Justice for Ana Weed.
  • commented 2017-01-09 23:24:03 -0600
    I understand that all time DAs hear when a criminal is charged they claim are innocent. But my husband truly is. I want to know if you can help me. He railroaded to take time for a crime he did not commit as a young adult he was promised a quick release if he accepted time on a charge he did not commit by his court appointed attorney. Im hoping it is on record somewhere that judge told him he/she was going to release him due lack of evidence and the alleged victim’s mother admitted he did not commit the crime he was charged with but because he had already signed(thanks to his lawyer)he was sentenced to 3yrs and lifetime SO registration because that was the offer the DA had on the table and he was told would face more time if didn’t take the offer .Unaware the alleged victim’s mother came forward. 22yrs later he has not been charged this crime again had gotten married to and had children. But now he’s being charged with failure to comply in spite of the fact that he contacted his case worker consistently by phone and in person to adivse where he lived every step of the way.And he explained to him we were living from place to place due to homelessness and job loss . What puzzles me is if he did not report where he was living why is it that while he was a fugitive the officers were sent to all the addresses he reported to find him if he did not report or comply with registration rules he obtained ids for the addresses reported (now incarcerated) the system has truly failed us.And now he needs justice.
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  • commented 2016-11-17 16:44:15 -0600
    I retired from HPD in the last year and a half. I and my family voted for you and I will update my resume and a cover letter. I spent most of my time in Homicide working murders and undercover narcotics.
    Congrats to you and your team…..job well done.
  • commented 2016-11-16 10:07:28 -0600
    I am writing my cover letter and updating my resume today. My specialty is in technology, systems, and communications.

    Count me in!
  • commented 2016-11-16 07:50:46 -0600
    Good morning. I am a long time criminal defense attorney and I have an interest is working with our District Attorney Elect during the transition period. I am not a part of the establishment, never have been. But I have some observations and ideas that have developed over the past 35 years and welcome the opportunity to join in the conversation.
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